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Computer Science a Major Career Option for Students

Computer science is the study and process that revolves around solving complex problems using technical and methodical solutions. Computer Science is a major Career Option for Students because technology & computers have become an integral part of every sector, industry, and even organizational operations in the modern economy. Computer science professionals handle some of the most significant tasks required to keep businesses running. These roles may include: • Studying and analysing the impact of computers and computing on organizations and society. • Conceptualizing, building, updating, and maintaining software systems of wavering complexities. • Implementing, assessing, and building computer-based systems and procedures. • Providing technical solutions to solve hard problems. Five of the most in-demand and popular branches under the Computer Science and Engineering Stream are: • Virtual and Augmented Realities (AR/VR): Virtual Reality tech involves the creation and projection of content onto a viewing platform that appears to be 3 dimensional from the perspective of the user. • Block chain & Crypto currency: Block chain is a chain of blocks that contains information stored inside of them. The method helps stamp digital files to make them impossible to temper with. • Internet of Things (IoT): The Internet of Things, or IoT, is a network of devices physically linked via the internet to gather and share data throughout a network. • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning: AI is a concept that permits machines to act like people by imitating human behaviour and nature. • Cloud Computing & Services: Cloud computing is a technical term for software & services that run through the Internet or an intranet. • Wherever we look, we can find computers and other technological systems or devices powering businesses and operations. It is nearly impossible to run a modern business without utilizing computer-driven technology, which is why people consider computer science to be so important. There is a misconception among people that computer scientists can only find work at tech organizations. Computer Science is a major Career Option for Students because computer science experts have a major role to play in nearly every domain, be it banking, healthcare, hospitality, education, fashion, etc. Computer science professionals and people working in this industry can find jobs throughout the modern economy. Computer Science is a major Career Option for Students because of the many job opportunities and roles that a computer specialist can avail, to name a few: • Web developer • Software Developer • Systems analyst • Full-stack developer • Software quality assurance manager • Software engineer • Research and development (R&D) scientist • Product Manager • Information technology specialist • Business analyst • Engineering manager • Database administrator • Data scientist • Mobile application developer • Computer scientist or computer science researcher • Cloud computing engineer • Chief information security officer • Computer science professor • Artificial intelligence and machine learning engineer Advantages of Studying Computer Science: Campus placements: Computer Science students have a higher probability of landing a job as the job market for Computer Engineering is still expanding. Students can also get jobs through campus placements. Companies visit the college campuses and offer jobs to students who have the required skills. Placements can provide students with good job opportunities and help them gain valuable work experience. Lucrative packages: With the progression of data technology, robotics, and machine learning, computer engineers are in high demand these days. Computer science specialists are among the highest-paid professionals therefore Computer Science is a major Career Option for Students. Trained CS professionals are in short supply while the demand is ever-increasing. Job opportunities in multiple industries: Computer science education trains students in analytical and quantitative skills. Therefore, there are many opportunities for Computer Science professionals in almost every industry, including health, education, trading, science, banking, and transportation. Various software’s are required for the smooth functioning of organizations and businesses. Job opportunities abroad: Computer Science is one of the most in-demand industries on a global level. Computer scientists have major job opportunities in developed nations like the USA, Germany, Australia, China, the UK, etc hence Computer Science is a major Career Option for Students. There is an increased demand for computer scientists in the tech industry due to the growing demand for digital services. With the right qualifications and experience, computer scientists can find fulfilling and well-paying positions abroad. Furthermore, the experience of living and working in another country can be invaluable for personal development. Remote work options: Computer Science is one of those few streams that enables you to work from any part of the world. Various remote opportunities for professionals and graduates and a wide number of freelance work opportunities that a skilled professional with a computer science background can handle. Earn while studying: Because of the high demand for computer science professionals, they also get many work opportunities, even while studying. Many companies are turning to remote and freelance work as a way to save on costs and to access a larger pool of talent. With the right skills and experience, computer science professionals can take advantage of these opportunities and generate income while still studying. Shri Venkateshwara University is one of the best universities in Uttar Pradesh. It offers many courses at undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctorate levels. The department of Engineering and technology is the biggest department of Shri Venkateshwara University, and it offers programs in Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Information Technology, Electrical Engineering, and much more. The university provides various opportunities required for studying technical courses like engineering. High-tech laboratories, Ultra-modern digitalized classrooms, and a library. Pedagogical experts belonging to prestigious institutes like IITs, NITs, etc. teach the courses. These features provide students with access to the latest information and technology as well as the guidance of experienced professionals. This allows students to develop up-to-date skills that are relevant to their field and prepares them for the job market. Many conferences, seminars, workshops, guest lectures, and special modules, apart from the intensive course curriculum, are conducted on campus for training students confidently deal with myriad industrial challenges. The placement cell at Shri Venkateshwara University actively runs recruitment drives and organizes campus placements for students. Some of the top recruiters include Vercos Pvt. Ltd., Malpis Pvt. Ltd., IREF, etc. Every year hundreds of students get campus placements and leave a mark in industries worldwide reiterating Computer Science as a Major Career Option for Students. .


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