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Conversational Samskritam Mastery Micro-Certificate (CSMMC)

The Micro Certificate in Spoken Samskritam (MCSS) is a 4-quarter, 6 Credit-hour leisurely paced study of Samskritam as a spoken language. It teaches students who are familiar with the Samskritam (aka "Sanskrit") and DevanAgarii scripts, but with lack fluency in the conversational aspect and to reach a certain level of Conversational Proficiency through simple scenario and skits. At the Hindu University of America, Samskritam is approached as living language that informs and enlivens the culture of a civilization in its wisdom and outlook on the world as well as its spirituality and philosophy. And by taking Samskritam up as a living language the MCSS course is focused on various dimensions of the Sanskrit language such as writing, reading as well as listening, speaking and understanding. Being able to speak Samskritam will allow students to acquire the ability to communicate fluently and understand easily. The MCSS is a fundamental for students of all ages from High School to.


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