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Gain Insights into Hindu Contributions to the World with CHCS Certificate

CERTIFICATE IN HINDU CIVILIZATIONAL STUDIES (CHCS) The 12-credit Certificate in Hindu Civilizational Studies (CHCS) examines Hindu civilization from a Hindu perspective. It helps students comprehend Hindu Dharma as one of the world's oldest, continuous, and still-thriving cultures. Through its culture and knowledge traditions, it reveals Dharma, or sustainability or natural order. Through rigorous study of Hindu Civilization, this program helps students discover, reconnect, and deeply establish Sanatana Dharma. Certificate in Hindu Civilizational Studies It comprises of Two parts: 1.Exploring Hinduism—a series of courses to understand Sanatana Dharma and Hindu thinking, the foundation of Hindu Civilization, through studying its history, aspects, and practices. Sanatana Dharma? What's Hinduism? Hinduism began when? Who's Hindu? Hindus' differences? Hinduism: relevant today? "Exploring Hinduism" classes answer such questions. 2. Hindu Contributions to the World - courses on how the Hindu civilisation and its knowledge systems influenced world advancement in Matter and Mind. This series of lectures analyzes the sciences, technologies, innovations, industry, prosperity, wealth, and intellectual leadership that made India a sought-after civilization across time.


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