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Unlocking Spiritual Wellbeing: Advanced Yoga Practices from Vedic Science

APPLIED VEDIC SCIENCE – ADVANCED (YOGA) The wellbeing of the individual and society in the Vedic vision of the universe included both material and spiritual wellbeing. Systematic exploration of the state of holistic wellbeing is discussed widely in the Vedic knowledge systems. The system of Yoga proposes a practical model of developing such wellbeing through engagement in practices that enrich the physical, mental, psychological and spiritual states of an individual, presented systematically in the sūtras (aphorisms) of Patañjali. This means of progressing in this state of holistic wellbeing is a seminal contribution of this Vedic system to humanity. This course is the second of a two-part course series on the system of Yoga. Prerequisites: Completion of the Applied Vedic Science – Basic Yoga 1) The medium of Instruction is Sanskrit 2) Only currently enrolled Sanskrit master’s certificate students can register for these courses. 3) Admission into Master Program in Sanskrit through MIT-SVS 4) Completed previous MA Sanskrit Course Description Applied Vedic Science – Advanced Yoga Course Content: This course introduces the portion of the Yogasutras that defines and discusses the systematic means – sadhana – of attaining the most exalted spiritual state and substantiates the process with reasons where necessary. In this course students will be able to: Comprehend the means of attaining an exalted state of spirituality along with the systematic technical definitions of such means Logically understand the process presented in the Yogasutras


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