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Learn Hindi Language and Script Online: CPSH Beginner Phase | HUA

CERTIFICATE PROGRAM IN SUDDH HINDI – BEGINNER PHASE Description Certificate Program in Shuddh Hindi (CPSH)—Beginner Phase is a set of 4 courses for people of all ages, starting in the 9th grade. It is the first of three steps that make up the CPSH as a whole: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. There are no requirements to take part in this program. The course is taught in English and is easy for people all over the world to take. It is a 4–Quarter, 44–Week detailed study that helps students who have never studied Hindi or devanAgari before get to a level of comfort with the Hindi language that will make it easy for them to move on to higher learning. The Beginner Phase of CPSH is for high school students and adults who want to learn a new language and want to get involved with the texts and literature of pure Hindi and its many knowledge systems that are based on it. It is taught by dedicated HUA Faculty members through an online platform that is easy to use and uses live virtual classrooms as a learning model.


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