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History of Traditional Indian Music with a Focus on Shastriya Sangeet | HUA

History of Shastriya Sangeet: A Journey Through Traditional Indian Music This course provides a comprehensive study of the history and development of traditional Hindu music, with a particular focus on Karnatic music. The course covers the evolution of Indian music from the ancient Sama Vedic chants to the modern-day practices of the diaspora. The course also examines the impact of Islamic, Persian, and Arab traditions on Indian music. The course comprises lectures, readings, discussions, and guided listening experiences. Learning Goals: Familiarity with the significant figures and their works in traditional Indian music, such as Bharata's Natya Sastra, Illango Adigal's Silappathikaram, Sarangdev's Sangita Ratnakara, Venkatamakhi's Chaturdandi Prakasika, Subbarama Dikshitar's Sangita Sampradaya Pradarsini, and Pandit Bhatkhande's work. Understanding of the contributions of traditional Indian music and Hindu music to the study and perception of Indian music in the West. Knowledge of the role of the Bhakti movement and the Hindu saints of Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Bengal in Indian art music. Awareness of the impact of Vaggeyakaras and the sacred geography of India on Art music. Understanding of how Islamic and Persian traditions have influenced Indian music. Knowledge of the significance of the Devadasi tradition in Indian art. Understanding of the contemporary challenges faced by Indian music. Course Structure: Weekly one-hour sessions with an additional 30 minutes of discussion time. Lectures, readings, discussions, and guided listening experiences. Two short essays to be written during the course to demonstrate learning.


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