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Nyāya and Vaisesika: Two Ways of Classifying the World | HUA

The Nyāya and Vaisesika ontologies are two ways of classifying things in the world that came from Vedic thought. These systems made logic and reasoning more systematic and had a big impact on the use of logic and reason in Hindu knowledge systems. The Navya-nyāya system eventually merged with the Vaisesika system. To take the Nyāya Vaisesika Basic Course, you need to be a currently enrolled Sanskrit master’s certificate student at MIT-SVS and have completed the previous MA Sanskrit course. The course is conducted in Sanskrit. The course covers the evolutionary stages of the Nyāya system from its ancient to recent form, incorporating the Vaisesika ontology. Students will learn about the use of logic and reason in various technical Indic knowledge systems, the cognition-centric approach emphasized in Indic knowledge systems, and how to apply the classification schema of the Nyāya system to other Vedic and Indic knowledge systems.


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