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Enhance Your Conversational Skills in Advanced-level Samskritam | HUA

Are you looking to take your proficiency in spoken Samskritam to the next level? Then, the Proficiency in Spoken Samskritam – Part 2 course is just what you need! This is the final course in the Micro-Certificate in Spoken Samskritam program, designed to enhance your knowledge of advanced-level Samskritam conversations, sanskrit alphabet, and sanskrit pronunciation. In this course, you will learn to say words the right way, build a strong vocabulary, and use nouns, pronouns, verbs, and etiquette words to have more complex conversations. You will be provided with Lessons 6 through 15 in the book sambhAShaNa-sopAnam, which will guide you towards a better understanding of Samskritam language and its real-life application. The goal of this course is to help you achieve a higher level of proficiency in spoken Samskritam. You will learn how to listen to high-level music Samskritam conversations and understand what is being said without any help in English. With the help of case endings, tenses, and suffixes, you will also build a more advanced vocabulary and have conversations at a higher level. Additionally, you will put together a skit from scratch as a group, further enhancing your practical skills.


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Added: 28-03-2023

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