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ott platforms in india

Streann Media partners provide complementary hardware and software products and services that, together integrate seamlessly with our Advanced Streaming and OTT-TV platform.Empowering real-time engagement. Simply watch and chat.Bring news to your multi screen platform x 10 Digital ads revenue.100% real impressions. No more skip_ads with a proprietary disruptive ad technology.Your users, their stories, on your platform.Get every insight on content and user behavior from a single platform.Offers the option to create and schedule single, recycled and permanent video files.Stream to many destinations from one single platform.Deliver your video and VOD content any time on any device.Create the most immersive content experiences.Reporter go LIVE from anywhere, anytime.Mobile streaming trivia games & cash rewards Get real-time polls from your audience


Main category: Computers

Sub category: Software

Tags: Open broadcast software, Video streaming, Live video streaming, OTT streams, Video on demand, OTT pl

Added: 27-01-2020

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