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Exploring the Atharva Veda: Contents and Significance

The Atharva Veda is an important text that forms the basis of Hindu life and culture. It is divided into three sections: Saṁhitā, which contains verses that praise Vedic devatas or gods, Brāhmaṇa, which focuses on ritual practices or liturgy, and Upanishads, which provides spiritual and philosophical expositions. Unlike the other Vedas, it does not have an Āraṇyaka section. The mantras in the Atharva Veda cover a wide range of topics, including governance, business, and health. In this course, students will gain an understanding of the Atharva Veda and its contents. The class will cover examples from the Samhita, Brahmana, and Upanisad sections to show the differences between them. Students will also learn about the Vedic view of the world and the differences between Vedic and classical Sanskrit language.


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