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High-Quality pharmaceutical Desiccant Packaging Solutions For moisture and oxygen.

Sorbead India offers quality and cost-effective pharmaceutical desiccants to meet the specific needs of the related products. We focus on manufacturing the best quality product to enhance the performance and profits of the pharmaceutical industry. We provide both printed and labelled patterns from 0.5, 1, 2, to 3 grams. We work closely with you and ensure to design the right package that best fits your product. To protect the pharmaceutical from any damage due to moisture or humidity, you need to keep them preservative using the effective dehydrating solution. Pharmaceutical desiccants are used to maintain the quality, strength and purity of medical drugs for the long time. The pharmaceutical industry needs to preserve their drugs and extend their shelf life to trustworthy relationships with the patients who rely on their products. *FEATURES >High adsorption rate >Cost-effective solution to protect the drugs from moisture >Ideal for pharmaceutical applications >Odor control >Extend drugs life *DESICCANT PRODUCTS >Desiccant PillowPak >Desiccant Unit Pak >Desiccant Tablets >Humidity Indicating cards >Desiccant Canister >Montmorillonite clay Desiccant >Activated Carbon Desiccant For More Information, Please Contact or Visit - +91 9879203377 |

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