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Vermicomposting vs Traditional Bin Compost

Go through the differences between composting and vermicomposting by the vermicompost manufacturer in India -Heat Levels in Compost Piles vs Vermicompost Bins: Compost piles are typically hot as the aerobic breakdown of organic matter releases carbon dioxide and heat, resulting in piles than can top 150°F. This is good because the heat can kill the pathogens present in your compost input.Composting with worms is a necessarily cooler process with temperatures ranging between 50-90°F. The downside to less heat is that vermicomposting will not kill as many pathogens present in the food waste, manure, or whatever you’re feeding your worms. -Microbial Populations in Compost vs Vermicompost: Since traditional compost piles can get hot, they are dominated by thermophilic (or “heat-loving”) microbes that can thrive in those temperatures.In vermicompost Worm compost is dominated by mesophilic microbes that require more moderate temperatures. -Speed of Processing: It’s too slow in composting. A hot compost pile can take 6-9 months to finish. vermicompost is much faster. A vermicompost bin can become “finished” and ready for harvesting in as little as 8-12 weeks. -Aeration: Again, the depth of compost piles necessitates that they be turned in order to ensure all input materials get processed. You can use rolled chicken wire or landscape cloth to create “chimneys” to help oxygenate the insides of a compost pile, but they will still require some amount of turning.The magical worms actually do your turning for you! And because vermicomposting bins are relatively shallow, turning is not required, especially in continuous flow-through digesters! -Space Required: Because hot compost piles are deep, you typically don’t need that much space for a given volume of compost.The epigeic earthworms used in vermicomposting do not burrow and will only work the top 6-12 inches of material, so available surface area, not depth is the limiting factor. You can get creative and stack your bins or devise a way to make the most out of your space, but as a general rule, vermicomposting does not lend itself to processing massive amounts of waste at one time.


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