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DISHA® Super Adhesives

DISHA® solvent cement and accessories are required to customers in diverse fields such as construction, agriculture, swimming pools, spas, automotive, aerospace and general manufacturing. The products are designed for use by skilled individuals, at their own risk. When you use DISHA® products, rest assured you are using the highest quality products commercially available. So insist on DISHA® adhesive products only. Its products include uPVC Medium Duty Solvent Cement, uPVC Heavy Duty Solvent Cement, CPVC Solvent Cement, PVC Solvent Cement, Pipe Joining Rubber Lubricant, Cleaners and Primers, Rubber Sealing Ring, P.T.F.E Tape, Silicone Sealant and Crystal Short/Long Body PVC Taps CPVC SOLVENT CEMENT A heavy-bodied high strength, medium setting, CPVC solvent cement formulated for application in joining Smaller CPVC piping systems schedule 40 and 80 1/2″ through 2″ inches. We recommend using DISHA PRIMER prior to cementing CPVC pipe and fittings as CPVC Pipes are specially designed for high-temperature uses. Recommended application temperature 40°F to 100°F. Thick formula fills gaps in the large diameter pipe and loose fitting joints. To ensure 100% leak proof chemical weld joint in pipe with fittings, clean the joining surfaces prior to solvent application. Also, remove extra solvent after joint assembly and allow the joint to settle for at least 12 hours or read the instructions on leaflet provided. Read More CALL NOW +91 98204 26576 +91 95945 81000 PVC SOLVENT CEMENT Disha Regular Duty PVC Solvent Cement is widely demanded in many bonding applications. The use of this cement ensures effective chemical weld with pipe and fittings. Disha PVC solvent cement is a premium quality, clear color, medium strength adhesive formulated for PVC and uPVC fitting and pipe bonding applications. Superior adhesion, fast setting and waterproof bonding makes it the most preferred choice of PVC pipe & fittings OEMs and plumbers. It is also easy to use and offers superior bonding strength because of its high viscosity. It makes joints leakproof and gives more coverage. Joints made with DISHA® PVC solvent cement can withstand temperature from -30C to 90C.Ideal for bonding and coupling of rigid PVC and uPVC pipes up to 100mm diameter. Upon full cure, PVC solvent cement is safe for drinking water, irrigation, waste water, sanitary pipes and conduit, etc. The first step is to apply the cement by ensuring the surface is clean, dry and free of dirt, grease, oil or water. By roughening mating surfaces to the full depth of socket using medium glass paper or emery cloth. Apply the solvent cement to both surfaces to be bonded with a dry, clean brush to give a uniform coating, with heavier coat at the pipe end. It will dissolve and soften the surfaces of the pipes and fitting. Assemble while cement is wet. When assembled together, the softened surfaces mix and on hardening produce a chemically welded joint. Hold firmly for 30 seconds to allow initial bonding and follow the instructions on the can as per the working pressure of the application and the testing environment. Read More


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